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Lauren Herring, CEO of Impact Group, shares the success she's had in working with 200+ Fortune 500 companies over the last 30+ years. We're now offering our award-winning, coaching services to help individuals who are ready to invest in themselves and their careers.

Ready to move up?

New Job

Learn how to avoid the resume black hole, nail interviews,
and negotiate like a boss.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Manage your personal brand, build confidence and take your performance to the next level.
Career Coaching
IMPACT Group has helped hundreds of thousands of people find new, fulfilling jobs during the good times and bad.  Our expert coaches will help you gain clarity on your next steps by aligning personal and professional goals and help you find direction in your search. We focus on defining a personal brand that uniquely articulates the value you bring an organization so you stand out from the crowd. Are you curious how you can access the hidden job market? We will show you how you can connect with decision makers at your target companies. On average, IMPACT Group job seekers find employment two months faster than the national average, and over the last two years, 48% of our clients have the opportunity to choose between multiple offers!
Leadership and Executive Coaching
When it comes to leadership, there’s really no finish line. You wouldn't see a professional sports franchise put their players on the field without a coach. You, as a leader compete just as hard! 

Many star performers find that accomplishing goals through others is the hardest work they've ever done. As a leader, you will benefit from coaching that will accelerate your personal and professional development that challenges you and holds you accountable to accomplish more. For both high-performing  up and comers and long-established executives, IMPACT Group has coaching that can help you perform at the next level.

Let’s be clear: We’re not talking about mildly supportive chats over coffee. Our leadership and executive coaching facilitates personalized, one-on-one, breakthrough-level engagements. For that reason, IMPACT Group carefully matches you with a highly skilled coach to ensure your relationship will be candid and productive. 


Director, Project Management
"I could not be more pleased with the Earn Your Worth program and especially the coaching provided by Elisa. I had multiple offers within three months and accepted an opportunity that paid 45% more than my previous job. I am eternally grateful to Elisa and IMPACT Group for helping me to rebuild my professional confidence and find a career that matched both my skill set and passion. Thank you!"


Sales Manager
"IMPACT Group was awesome to work with. My coach really cared about my success and knows her stuff. She was patient with me and provided me with world class service. I received multiple offers in one week after they helped redo my resume."


"Bernie did an excellent job helping me get ready for every part of the job search process. I went into interviews with more confidence and she taught me how to highlight my accomplishments in the interview. Also, I had never negotiated before and with my new job I negotiated more vacation and a sign on bonus thanks to Bernie's help!"


"IMPACT Group was excellent to work with. I was skeptical that the services would be helpful but was willing to put in a good faith effort, and I was well rewarded for doing so! My coach took me in hand and helped me sort through what I needed with a focus on how to represent and market myself most effectively, and helped me understand how it all fits together for better impact and return on the investment in the job search. I have learned so much that I will be able to leverage well into the future. I have since recommended IMPACT Group services to others. Thank you for your support through what started as a painful time, but resulted in much learning, growth and refreshed confidence."

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